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The LifeOne Formula Herbal Immune Booster



The Life One Formula is a Patented proprietary compound of natural plant extracts in a liposome base. Life One Formula is designed to aid your body's immune system. Your immune system is critical in allowing your body to fight illness. No product made is more powerful than your own healthy immune system. The Life One Formula has proven to be effective at building a healthy immune system. Life One Formula is an all natural herbal blend designed to enhance the Immune System. The Patented Life One Formula will help the immune system fight problems more effectively. The Life One Formula has proven to be of benefit to your body's immune system.

Each bottle is 16oz.



The LifeOne Formula is an immune system booster that enhances immune system function to help your body fight viral illness. The all-natural herbal blend is proven to be effective and safe. Multiple studies have linked LifeOne with successful cancer and AIDS treatment and the formula is recommended for general well-being and preventative defense of the immune system.

The LifeOne Immune Enhancing Formula was developed bearing in mind the belief that the immune system is naturally and inherently capable of defending the body. Without a strong and optimally functioning immune system good health is nearly impossible.



The human immune system is a complexly organized defense team of antibodies and cells that recognize and destroy foreign pathogenic invaders. A healthy immune system differentiates between these dangerous invaders and the body’s own resident cells. When the immune system is healthy and functioning at peak performance it is able to effectively target and destroy these invading pathogens as well as abnormally shaped cells like those affected by cancers. When the body’s immune system is weakened or suppressed it loses its ability to effectively fight disease leaving us vulnerable to illness and ultimately death.


LifeOne Powerful Immune Booster

LifeOne Formula

Build a Healthy Immune System



LifeOne Formula Ingredients and Supplement facts


LifeOne contains a sophisticated blend of ingredients that work synergistically, the liposomal delivery system used in LifeOne enhances cellular uptake and prolongs circulation of therapeutic agents.

Chrysin, Coriolus Versicolor, Diindolymethane (DIM), Resveratrol, Turmeric Extract (Curcumin), Quercetin, Green Tea Extract, L-Selenium Methionine

Other Ingredients: Water, Liposomal Matrix (Lecithin Complex with Phosphadidyl Choline and Phosphatidylserine), Natural Flavors, Stevia, Sodium Benzoate, and Potassium Sorbate (as preservatives)

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Manufacturer's Statement :

“Why does every batch of LifeOne Formula look, or taste different?” The answer is simple, but requires a straightforward look at very basic herbal medicine.


Each herbal product we use has what are called “active” constituents. These “actives” are the plant chemicals that give the herb the healing qualities that so many possess. During certain times of year when they are harvested, or in years when they receive more or less rain, the amount of “actives” in the herb changes. In other words, if a formula is made, requiring a specific amount of actives, the amount of the herb may change, reflecting the change in the amount of actives in a given amount of herb. Simple lesson, but very important to the consumer who will taste a difference with each batch.


LifeOne is made with the formulation requiring very specific amounts of “active” constituents. The formulation totally ignores the amount of herbs that may be required to meet the stringent control of active constituents in the formula. Because of this, two things happen. First, the amount of total herbs of one or another may change. This will result in a change in color or taste. Second, the consumer is guaranteed that they are getting the very best control over the essential active compounds in the herbs that we can possibly deliver in each and every batch we produce.

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LifeOne Formula Reviews


LifeOne Formula product has garnered attention for its potential immune system enhancement and therapeutic properties. LifeOne is a product designed to build up the immune system allowing it to better fight diseases and prevent their onset.

 While it’s not a substitute for medical treatment, a cure or a miracle, LifeOne aims to support the body’s immune response and a way to support the body’s natural abilities.

Some users have reported positive experiences with LifeOne, witnessing its effects firsthand. However, individual results may vary, and it’s essential to consult with a healthcare professional before using any supplement.

Customer Letter



My daughter is a twenty something year old nurse. She believed in the conventional way and opted for chemo/radiation to treat cervical/uterine cancer she got after receiving Gardasil. Oh, boy, the chemo/radiation shut down several body systems and made her blind almost. I am a nurse too but I had to let her make her own decisions. Her husband wanted to do it my way but these young folks are brained washed into believing the 'system.'


I secretly bought 4 bottles of LifeOne and she wanted nothing to do with it...even when she was dying. She's my only child so i kicked hell, because I was tired of watching her fade away. She didn't believe in 'potions.' She had a PET in November 2015 and the tumors were still there. The chemo/radiation didn't budge them. Near the end of January 2016, I finally got her to try the LifeOne. She felt better almost immediately..this thing works fast.  


By March 2016 she was doing amazingly well, eating, her hair began to grow back and her skin looked amazing. In such a short time she was doing so well. She sneaked and paid for another PET scan out of pocket. She called me sounding euphoric. She announced that she was cancer free. I was in shock and wanted to know how she knew that. She went back to the same doctor who told her the LifeOne was a waste of time and money, because she needs to try another kind of chemo. He compared the November 2015 PET with the March 2016 PET...there were no tumors and her labs were clear. It was an exciting time.


I invested a small fortune on natural supplements and organic foods to supplement the LifeOne. My daughter is now a true believer in Natural cancer therapy. You should see how she talks about cancer treatments on her Facebook page. 


I will never regret dipping in my retirement fund to save my child. That grumpy oncologist grudgingly said, "Keep doing what you have been doing." I could kick his A** for nearly killing my child. How can a doctor see you dying but still give you more poison? How do they sleep at night? I know they will NEVR enjoy the money. It's blood money.


I bet you sleep well at night. Thank God for you, and those who work with you, to keep making a quality product that really save lives.


Blessing to you and may God continue to bless all you do.







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